+ AD-SS21-REM Bag(1)

Coming very soon!


Identity and strategy for OUSTAOU, a new youth hostel located on the south-west coast of France. Work includes a responsive website and environmental design as well as brand assets such as postcards, tote bags, apparel and stickers.


+ AD-SS21-REM Sweater(4)

Handmade bleached lettering on the back of heavy cotton sweaters. AD-SS21-REM embroidered on the front.

> Not available for purchase

+ Nike Great Wave(6)

Celebrating the Nike DNA design system, the Nike Great Wave is a re-interpretation of the original Great Wave off Kanagawa woodblock print by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. Printed in London, this A1 limited-edition poster is an allegory of movement, power and emotion which characterizes the success of the Nike brand over the last decades.

Dan Mather Screenprint